medical-assistantIf you have decided to work as a medical assistant or a medical receptionist you have selected a field that job openings should be plentiful as long as there are doctors, hospitals and clinics in your area. As an assistant, you will be working with the patients by checking them into the facility and taking care of their paper work. You will also be working with their scheduling for testing and other needs as well as registering their vital signs in their records. With this position you not only will need patient care skills but will also need clerical and administrative skills.

What Is A Patient Care Technician?

A patient care technician will work more hands on with the patient. In this position you will be assisting the patient with baths, meals, changing their beds and helping them with their day to day assisted living needs. This job is very important and you will be building a relationship with the patient as you will be helping them with their needs that they are struggling with. You are not only a great help to the patient but also to the nurses and the families of the patient. As the nurses are dealing with more of the medical care and assisting the doctors and the families can not always be there to help take care of their sick family member.

How To Choose Which Is Best For You

  • Which position sound more like you hands on or clerical
  • Do you like to work with the public and help people
  • Do you have a problem with working weekends and evening or nights
  • Are you good with working with the elderly or someone that is sick

How To Get Started

Check around for an online medical assistant program. This can prevent you from spending all of your time in a classroom setting and allow you to learn and get your certificate from the comfort of your own home. This works well for people with hectic lifestyles or mothers with children at home that have the self discipline to study and do the work on their own. A medical assistant position is very helpful and helps to keep the patient and their schedule and paper work all in a neat and tidy fashion. This position is a combination between nursing and clerical and requires a multi talented person to handle this position.

Either of these positions can be very rewarding to a person that truly cares about people and want to help them. A patient care technician must be more flexible with their hours and will normally work at a hospital or a nursing home. This position requires coverage 24 hours a day 365 days a year so you must have a flexible schedule. To be an assistant, your hours should be a little more set especially if you are working in a clinic that is normally only open from 9-5. Keep this in mind when you are selecting what you would like to do and before you choose to select your online education.



When you are considering the thought of becoming a medical assistant you have already figured out that the medical field can be a rewarding field.  Depending upon what area you are wanting to work, such as a Dr Office, a clinic, a dentist office, you probably already know that the days can get really busy and hectic.  When the cold and flu season arrive, the office or clinic is usually going to be packed with patients that are sick and waiting to be seen for treatment.  But the ability to help others is very rewarding for many in this field.

What Type Of Person Can Take Online Classes

With online education, it takes a person that is very disciplined.  The online classes offer a lot of flexibility so that a person can take these and still work or raise their family.  There are still deadline that you have to meet and homework that must be turned in on time.  You must keep your grades up to the expectations of the program that you are going to school for.  Sometimes online classes can be harder, because you can not watch your instructor work out a problem on the board and there is no face to face interaction.  Most online instructors will check his email and answer any question that you have sent him.

 Things You Want To Know

•  Know what the school will cost you

•  Find out what the school will expect of you

•  Find out what prospective jobs will pay. Check out Xray tech great salary resource webpage.

•  See where you can work with this degree

•  Make sure this type of work will work with your lifestyle and the hours work for you

What To Expect

In order to take these classes for the online medical assistant programs, a person must posses at least a high school diploma.  If you have an associate’s degree, prospective employers could give you a higher consideration.  Also for people that have had prior experience in the medical field will get a higher consideration.  When you complete your classes you must take and pass in order to get your certification.  This is governed by various Government agencies depending upon the state.  In most cases you must be certified for each state that you plan on working in.  The pay will vary from area that you live and plan on working.

Consider your lifestyle as you are looking for a place to work.  Most medical offices, some clinics and a few jobs like that could land you a Monday through Friday off with no weekends.  Consider this with your family or your activities when making your selection.  There are other jobs such as hospitals, certain clinics, or other facilities such as these you might have to work weekends and various shifts.  Take all this into consideration so when you get your first job in this field you will have a job that you know the hours will work with your lifestyle and enjoy your medical assistant certification.