medical-assistantIf you have decided to work as a medical assistant or a medical receptionist you have selected a field that job openings should be plentiful as long as there are doctors, hospitals and clinics in your area. As an assistant, you will be working with the patients by checking them into the facility and taking care of their paper work. You will also be working with their scheduling for testing and other needs as well as registering their vital signs in their records. With this position you not only will need patient care skills but will also need clerical and administrative skills.

What Is A Patient Care Technician?

A patient care technician will work more hands on with the patient. In this position you will be assisting the patient with baths, meals, changing their beds and helping them with their day to day assisted living needs. This job is very important and you will be building a relationship with the patient as you will be helping them with their needs that they are struggling with. You are not only a great help to the patient but also to the nurses and the families of the patient. As the nurses are dealing with more of the medical care and assisting the doctors and the families can not always be there to help take care of their sick family member.

How To Choose Which Is Best For You

  • Which position sound more like you hands on or clerical
  • Do you like to work with the public and help people
  • Do you have a problem with working weekends and evening or nights
  • Are you good with working with the elderly or someone that is sick

How To Get Started

Check around for an online medical assistant program. This can prevent you from spending all of your time in a classroom setting and allow you to learn and get your certificate from the comfort of your own home. This works well for people with hectic lifestyles or mothers with children at home that have the self discipline to study and do the work on their own. A medical assistant position is very helpful and helps to keep the patient and their schedule and paper work all in a neat and tidy fashion. This position is a combination between nursing and clerical and requires a multi talented person to handle this position.

Either of these positions can be very rewarding to a person that truly cares about people and want to help them. A patient care technician must be more flexible with their hours and will normally work at a hospital or a nursing home. This position requires coverage 24 hours a day 365 days a year so you must have a flexible schedule. To be an assistant, your hours should be a little more set especially if you are working in a clinic that is normally only open from 9-5. Keep this in mind when you are selecting what you would like to do and before you choose to select your online education.



When you are considering the thought of becoming a medical assistant you have already figured out that the medical field can be a rewarding field.  Depending upon what area you are wanting to work, such as a Dr Office, a clinic, a dentist office, you probably already know that the days can get really busy and hectic.  When the cold and flu season arrive, the office or clinic is usually going to be packed with patients that are sick and waiting to be seen for treatment.  But the ability to help others is very rewarding for many in this field.



Simple Steps to Write a Professional Cover Letter

Starting a career as a medical assistant can be a fun and very rewarding career.  However, it can seem like a daunting task when it comes to getting started in the medical field.  It doesn’t need to be all that difficult in fact, not when you become certified and know the ins and outs of the duties that come with the job.

One of the most important parts of getting a position as a medical assistant has to be being able to write a cover letter.  Knowing how to write a medical assistant cover letter is vital.



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Peaceful parenting has been called a lot of different names by people completely unfamiliar with the concept. From ‘hippie parenting’ to ‘old fashioned parenting’ to ‘new age parenting’, the term has a lot of names, associated with it. What you have to first understand about peaceful parentingis that it is the most basic, the most primal way of parenting. This is the way of parenting that takes us the closest to the natural way. 

Peaceful parenting is also known as ‘natural family living’ or ‘natural parenting’. The exact reason it is called these names is that this is the natural way of parenting. In today’s world, where most people don’t have any time to spend with their children, peaceful parenting advocates a form of parenting, where the whole family is a single unit. Peaceful parenting is becoming more relevant now, as people have started realising that the way they raise their children is not something that will affect the child or the family alone, but rather the entire society itself.

What is a peaceful parent like?

• Instead of becoming angry or frustrated, a peaceful parent will keep a neutral emotion while dealing with any kind of conflicts involving his or her children. This way, the parents can maintain their calmness and teach their children how to deal with a difficult situation.
• Peaceful parents set limits on their children with compassion. A peaceful parent never lets anger take over his or her decision. They will take any decision with compassion and understanding of the child’s needs.
• A peaceful parent will always think before reacting. Whatever the gravity of the situation, instead of reacting rashly, he or she will give the problem enough thought. This way, any conflict that may arise is avoided.
• Peaceful parents will accept their children’s all emotions. While most parents find it difficult to deal with the tantrums of their children, a peaceful parent will be able to handle it with elegance due to their way of parenting.
• Peaceful parents take the complete responsibility for their own emotions and happiness. They understand that the only person responsible for their feelings is they themselves. This will provide a much more wholesome atmosphere for a childas he or she will no longer be held responsible for the parents’ happiness.

Some of the ways to practice being a peaceful parent-

• Show your love for your children, every day. Hug them and give them kisses. Do this no matter how old your child is.
• Teach your children to become self-sufficient, at a young age itself. Start teaching them to do all of their chores from the age of 3 or 4 itself. Though it will be really tough, they will finally learn it someday.
• Ask the older children to take care of the younger ones. This way, the older ones will learn responsibility and how it feels to be responsible for another person. This will also help the parent. Remember to keep an eye on them though.
• Read to your children. This is something every parent should do. The mother and father should take turns reading to the child every night to create a wonderful bond between them.
• Play with your children.

These are only some of the most basic ideas of peaceful parenting. Read and find out more to understand this wonderful form of parenting.


Parents are their kid’s first teacher – Parents play a very important role in an overall development of a child. As the saying goes, “Parents are the first teachers of their kids”. This statement stands absolutely true as it is observed and examined that a child picks most of the early traits from its parents, as opposed to anyone else. Apart from the regular routine, it is very important for the parents to play an active role in the child’s education too.


Parent’s involvement– It is very important for parents to be involved in their child’s overall development. A child can grow up naturally but it takes a lot of efforts to raise the child, in the right and healthy manner. When your child starts going to school, it is important for you to equally participate in the school activities and programs. This will help you to stay connected with the school on daily basis and thus, you will be updated about your child’s progress as well.

Involvement in various forms–Parents can get involved in school programs through various forms like PTA formation, leading and assisting for trips, assisting sports and functions, coordinating for administration requirements and so on. It is not necessary and wise to interfere in the school routine but helping the school, is important. Most of the schools, today, are struggling to retain good students and to maintain their position. Encouraging parent’s involvement is one such thing which surely helps the school, to achieve the desired success.

There are a lot of parents who feel hesitant to face their kid’s school, due to lack of confidence and knowledge. However, if informed rightly, a lot of parents will come up to show their support and confidence in the school’s development. This is the best chance for the teachers to get help, when needed. It also gives a real time and accurate feedback to the teachers so that they can improve and work on the required areas. It is very important to have a healthy relation between teachers and parents. Both the teams should look forward to work on common and mutual terms and should not focus their time and energy in disappointing, the other party.

Parent’s support and co-operation in school gives a high boost of confidence to their kids. When a child sees his parent doing school rounds, he realizes the importance of education. Moreover, there is a common goal and interest amongst the parents and kids and thus, children naturally tend to perform better at academics. When needed, teachers can openly ask for help from the parents as different people are qualified and skilled, in different fields. We can explore our talents and hobbies with school so that they get the benefit of our experience.

Work as a family – It is a good idea for parents and teachers to work together as a family so that school becomes an easy routine. Parents should openly discuss their expectations and concerns with the teachers and similarly, even teachers should clear out all the crucial factors for a child’s development. Here, expectations play a very important role while determining role of both the teachers and the parents. Both the parties should be realistic when they are expecting something so that it is easily accepted and achieved by the other party. You should always remember to help and co-operate with the opposite party and avoid interfering in school’s regular work. Parents can put forth their suggestions but cannot expect everyone to follow the same religiously. Schools must work on worthy feedback and suggestions to develop better!


With more and more distressing news coming in daily about the harmful effects of bullying, it is time that everyone involved started taking some action. While it was not considered a huge problem till some time ago, several devastating steps taken by students who were relentlessly bullied have opened the eyes of both teachers and parents. It is definitely time, that we eliminated bullying once and for all.
Though there has been a lot of talk about ways to eliminate bullying, it is still never possible to give step by step instructions on stopping bullying. What parents and teachers need to understand is that bullying is not something you can stop, in a single day. Your aim should be the complete rehabilitation of both the victim and the bully.

Here we will discuss some ways to eliminate bullying.

1. Pay attention to the student’s behaviour, and take action

Whenever a student is being bullied constantly, you can recognise the effects by carefully observing that student. Whether you are a teacher or a parent, if you feel that a student is being bullied, ask him directly if there is any problem. If the student refuses to answer or denies it, do not put pressure on him. Give him the time and let him know that you will be there for him.
If you are sure that a student is being bullied, take immediate action. Report to the school authorities and to the bully’s parents. Make sure that the student and the bully does not come into any more contact.


2. Strengthen the children

To make sure that bullying does not go on for a long time; let your students know about its effects and remedies. Teach them to stand up for themselves. Tell them that they should not suffer any kind of bullying and that they should inform any problem to a trusted adult.
Schools should take extra care in letting students know about the effects of bullying and should also impose appropriate punishments on any student found indulging in bullying.

3. Get the parents involved

A great way to make sure that students will behave themselves is to involve the parents in all activities related to bullying at school. By involving the parents, victims of bulling will feel more encouraged to come out and report it.

Moreover,involving parents in all the activities will make the bullies also think twice about tormenting another student since they know there will be a high chance of their parents knowing about the matter.

4. Understand cyber bullying and teach your children how to respond

The latest kind of bullying to torment children is cyber bullying. The problem with this is that in many cases, the tormentors are anonymous people hiding behind fake usernames. Also, many parents are very ill equipped in dealing with this form of bullying.

Understand the basics of cyber bullying and learn to identify the problem. If you find out that your child is being bullied, take immediate steps to cease all contact with the bully and if things get out of hand, contact the cybercrimes department of your local police immediately.

Bullying is something that causes a profound impact on a child. The effects of bullying usually stay with the affected children well into adulthood. The best way to prevent this from happening to your child is to build a healthy relationship with him or her where they can tell you anything they want.

Online drivers education courses claim to give individuals the education that they need to be able to pass their driversED test. For some people, this is the perfect form of education. They have not found any drivers ED courses around them that they can afford or that they feel will give them a solid education.
With that being said, there are both positives and negatives to going through an online drivers education course. Understanding the pros and cons will help you to decide whether or not this form of education is right for you as you work to get your drivers license.


There are plenty of different drivers education courses for you to choose from in your home town. Some of these different courses and programs are run by local schools – others are run by local private companies.
It is important for you to take the time to find the right drivers education course for your education. You want to be as prepared for the test as possible, and need to find the right course to be able to do so. Taking note of the characteristics of the best drivers ED courses will help you to quickly identify the right program for you.

Constant Driving

The best drivers education courses are going to get you out on the road, helping you to get a feel for actual driving and helping you to learn the rules of the road first hand. While each driver education course is going to get you out on the road, the best ones will do so as quickly and as often as possible. Talk to each program about the amount of time that they spend on the road to get a feel for how long you would spend on the road in the program.

Clear Study Guides and Information

The best courses are going to do more than bark information at you during the class time that you have signed up for. They will give you clear study guidelines and will give you information that you can take home. This will help you to get a better feel for the material and will allow you to spend some of your off time studying for your more straight from the source.

Test Information

Some drivers education courses manage to get a hold of previous tests and can give you questions that were found on these old tests. This information is going to be a great help to you as you are studying for the test. You will understand how the test is worded and will be able to better prepare for the test.

Reasonable Prices

While you want to make sure that you have found a course that offers a lot of driving, a lot of studying, and a lot of test information, you do not want to have to pay a lot for it. You should be looking at the prices of all of the different courses around to see exactly how much each course will cost. You should then compare the different prices of each course and program with the information that you have gathered on each program. This will help you to pick the best course at the lowest possible price, helping you to save money.
While there are other characteristics upon which a drivers education course can be judged, these are the four major characteristics to note.A driver education course that features constant driving lessons, clear study guides and information, a wealth of test information, and reasonable prices will be the perfect program for you to learn the information you must take in to pass your drivers test. View more information right here.

Most drivers education students are surprised to learn how quickly they will get on the road during their driversED program. Most students will be in the cars, going out for a drive within the first few days of their education. Many feel somewhat scared and nervous, and feel as if they will not be safe on the road.
There are a couple of different things that you can do to make sure that you are safe on the road during drivers education. These tips will help you to keep control of the car and stay focused on the road, the two most important steps for those who are trying to be safe on the road.